Since 2010, HopeCycle has been on a mission to foster hope and community through the opportunity of a bicycle and has empowered thousands of youth and adults in underserved communities through the transformation of bicycles into VEHICLES OF HOPE, both locally and abroad. There is something inherently special and memorable about a person’s first bike, yet it is a sad and somewhat hidden fact that an unacceptable percentage of the youth and disenfranchised of our city and beyond have never experienced the joy of owning and caring for a bike of their own. We at HopeCycle seek to change that. 

This new decade has shown us already that making lasting positive changes when situations seem the direst is extremely difficult. To push back against the cycles of fear and poverty that negatively affect millions cannot be achieved on an island. In fact, it is in these very moments of yet-to-be-written history that those courageous few who still believe in HOPE can come together to achieve the impossible. 

*Formerly Project reCYCLE


In a world where there seem to be increasing reasons to be hopeless, it’s even more important that we all cling to HOPE. Over our many years of serving the community as a nonprofit organization, we at HopeCycle have seen that the most lasting and effective positive changes occur not simply handing out immediate solutions to immediate needs, but by instead intentionally engaging and empowering each person in the giving process – from our generous donors to our amazing volunteers; from our gracious staff to our smiling recipients.

The best practices turn moments of immediacy into opportunities for life-changing choices and wellness-building habits. Guided by our mission to foster hope and community through the opportunity of a bicycle, we at HopeCycle intentionally cultivate such opportunities by our commitment to our core priorities in the portion of our logo seen below:

Each of our programs has been built from the ground up upon these priorities and we are thus extremely selective in pursuits that coincide with our mission to foster hope and community through the opportunity of a bicycle. We experience daily the evidence of long-term empowerment and wellness and are blessed to celebrate these stories of HOPE alongside our constituents.

When someone believes in him or herself and, against all odds, settles for nothing less than their life truly free, that is HOPE. When groups of people care enough for one another to collaboratively pursue such a wild idea, that is EMPOWERMENT. We at HopeCycle have chosen to pursue HOPE that EMPOWERS. Will you join us?


HopeCycle Schools

Our HopeCycle Schools™ program serves select schools by providing educational initiatives for those in need of wellness-building practices and goal-setting incentives. At a HopeCycle School™, parents, students, and staff alike benefit from results-driven practices and motivational tools that range from basic safety guidelines, bike repair resources, coordinated rides, and even the opportunity to earn a bicycle and helmet through the Three A’s: Academics, Attendance, and Attitude!

For information on how to BECOME A HopeCycle School™ SPONSOR and help us serve the numerous schools queued for our School Program, please click here.

Though the waiting list for new school partnerships is admittedly quite long, you can still NOMINATE a school to be considered for the HopeCycle Schools program here.

Bicycle Mechanic and Shop Skill Training

Build your bike mechanic and leadership skills through our Master Mechanic series – taught in partnership with the Park Tool School™. We have various instructive lessons and hands-on training sessions available throughout the year.

If you have bicycle mechanic experience that would warrant entrance in our volunteering at a  higher level, first sign up for our monthly skills-assessment slots here.

The calendar for our upcoming Master Mechanic Series classes can be found here. As always, members of HopeCycle’s Core Volunteer Team receive a significant discount to the Master Mechanic Series. Thank you for your service.

Safe Riding and Bike Rodeo Clinic

From local quick presentations to out-of-state events, HopeCycle has the right fit for your community’s biking needs!


Wacky™ Bike Rides!

HopeCycle’s Wacky™ bike rides are a thing to be experienced! How Wacky™ are you willing to dress and ride to share the fun of biking to the next generations?!

Job Creation Initiatives

Various paid-to-work programs at HopeCycle’s bike shop and select partners are available for qualified applicants. If you are interested, please fill out an application here.

The Joy of Biking Classes

Student-led and kid-focused, our Joy of Biking Classes teach basic bike repair and safe riding practices through youth-centered platforms such as GoPro and Drone videos with hands-on participation when available.

HopeCycle International

Using bicycles for job creation opportunities and essential transportation needs such as clean water deliveries in the areas abroad with the most need. None of this would be possible without the partnerships we have with such amazing organizations as Bicycles for Humanity and Operation Bike Drop.


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*Donate Dollars

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*Donate Time

There are many ways for you to help HopeCycle’s mission! To be redirected to our volunteer sign-up platform through Calendly, please click here.

*Donate Bikes

Wherever you chose to donate your bike, you have the chance to sign-up for our optional HopeCycle Bike Donation Tracking System to discover the next steps of your bike’s journey, please click here.

HopeCycle – 3279 S Santa Fe Dr, Unit C, Englewood CO, 80110

Donate safely and confidently to HopeCycle directly at our shop! Donations are accepted Wednesdays through Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm at our secure bike drop-off service located on our loading dock on the West side of our shop. To donate, please drive around to the right of our main entrance through the gate. Each of our drop-off spots has a security lock provided and further instructions, including optional sign-ups that share where and how your generously donated bike was used to support of the mission. In-Kind donation receipts are also available upon donation.

Elevation Cycles – All locations

We have partnered with Elevation Cycles as a trusted location to accept bicycle and lightly-used or new bike part donations at their stores. We pick up from Elevation on a regular basis and they have been a trusted partner for many years so you can be confident that donating to Elevation Cycles is just like donating to HopeCycle directly!

*Purchase a Bike

Coming spring 2021, you can search our wide-selection of used bikes at our retail locations.


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