Fostering Hope & Community Through The Opportunity Of A Bicycle


Since 2010, HopeCycle* has been on a mission to foster hope and community through the opportunity of a bicycle. Over this past decade, our nonprofit organization has empowered thousands of youth and adults in underserved communities through the transformation of bicycles into VEHICLES OF HOPE, both locally and abroad.  

HopeCycle is made up of those who dream and do; will and wonder. If you too would like to help those who could use that extra little bit of encouragement and empowerment in their lives, there is a place for you here. We look forward to deepening relationships in our community as we collaboratively impact people’s lives for the better, one bike at a time. 

*Formerly Project reCYCLE 



Our Achieve to Ride program serves select schools by providing educational initiatives for those in need of wellness-building practices and goal-setting incentives. 

At aAchieve to Ride school, parents, students, and staff alike benefit from results-driven practices and motivational tools.

Included are basic safety guidelines, bike repair resources, coordinated rides, and even the opportunity to earn a bicycle and helmet through the Three A’s: Academics, Attendance, and Attitude!  

Build your bike mechanic and leadership skills through our Master Mechanic series. We have various instructive lessons and hands-on training sessions available throughout the year.  

Various paid-to-work programs at the HopeCycle Shop™ and select partners are available for qualified applicants.  

Student-led and kid-focused, our Joy of Biking Classes teach basic bike repair and safe riding practices through youth-centered platforms.

HopeCycle’s Wacky Rides are where kids experience the Joy of Biking in safe and exciting ways!

At each Wacky Ride, adults and kids alike are encouraged to show off their creativity by decorating themselves and their rides in the Wacky-est way possible! 

We all need a little bit of Wacky-ness in our lives. The only question is:        how Wacky are you willing to dress-up, accessorize, and ride to share the fun of biking to the next generations?! 

HopeCycle has numerous outlets for the many bicycles donated to our organization through our generous supporters. One of these outlets is through our Africa Outreach initiative.

We are proud to say that these bicycles are used for job creation opportunities and essential transportation needs such as clean water deliveries in areas abroad with the most need. 

None of this would be possible without the partnerships we have with such amazing organizations as Bicycles for Humanity and Operation Bike Drop



The Kickstand @HopeCycle is a community bike shop that services and sells quality pre-owned bicycles. All profits go to support the HopeCycle organization and programming.



In a world where there seem to be increasing reasons to be hopeless, it’s even more important that we all cling to HOPE. We at HopeCycle have seen that the most lasting positive changes occur when we intentionally engage and empower each person in the giving process – from our generous donors and volunteers to our smiling recipients.   

The best practices turn moments of immediacy into opportunities for lasting life-change. To this end, HopeCycle purposefully fosters such opportunities by ensuring everything we do follows our core priorities of Empowering Practices, Community Engagement, and Measurable ResultsThe sustained impacts that we witness daily continue to give us plenty of reasons to HOPE. 



Donate Dollars

Donations to HopeCycle empowers children to dream big, work hard, be kind, and never settle for excuses. Every dollar shouts that we believe in you. It’s a vote of confidence. A gift of hope.  A changed life and a significant community impact.

Donate Time

Volunteering with Hope Cycle makes you part of the hundreds of people volunteer for bike assembly, help with our Acheive to Ride programs, being part of bike drives and more.  Every volunteer has a tremendous impact.

Donate Bikes

Donate a bike, bike equipment and bike parts.
Your donations are tax-deductible. 100% of our proceeds from our bike shop, HopeCycle Bikes are invested back into our programs and mission.

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Announcing Our New Name!

We are now HOPECYCLE. We are excited to pedal forward with our new name and new look as we continue foster hope through the opportunity of a bicycle.